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9" Mya Mikro Hookah

Product# Mya-Mikro
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Introducing the brand new Mikro Hookah from Mya Saray, one of the most unique hookahs we have ever carried in our store.  Let's start with the basics - the Mikro is a very compact hookah, standing just 9 inches tall.  It is available in 7 different vase colors and the hookah vase itself features a very wide footprint for excellent stability.  It would be difficult to accidentally tip this hookah over.

The bowl on the Mya Mikro is specially designed to rest down inside the stem of the hookah and it comes with a built-in coal screen which can be rotated 360 degrees to make re-positioning your hookah coals a breeze.  This special hookah bowl will also come with a specially designed rubber gasket which seals the bowl and stem.

We have tested the Mya Mikro Hookah pretty extensively due to its unique design, and we are big fans.  The included bowl holds 15-20 grams of shisha and the bowl gasket stands up to the heat from the bowl well, leaving no signs of heat damage when the bowl is finished.  We also really like the fact that the bowl screen rotates; just be careful as the handle can get quite hot.

The hookah hose which comes with this hookah is very similar to the standard Mya hookah hose you would receive with any other Mya hookah, but it is 69" long instead of the standard 72".  

Note: you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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