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Pharaoh's Troika (1 Hose) Hookah

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Pharaoh's Troika Hookah

Looking for a midsize, traditional hookah with high quality manufacturing? Look no further! The Troika hookah from Pharaoh's puts a modern twist on traditional hookah designs. Standing at 22" tall, the tri-tone Troika combines a classic silver and gold engraved hub with a black midsection to create a unique hookah pipe. 

On top of the tri-tone finish on the stem, the base is beautifully crafted with lots of care to detail the decorative banding

You'll find two identical half moon openings on the underside of this hookah, ensuring optimal airflow and cloud production. Purging your base is also exceptionally easy. 

Additionally, the Troika hookah comes with a 5' hose that can be used for several smoke sessions, however we do recommend upgrading that hose at some point. The traditional style hose port allows you to easily upgrade to any hose that we carry. The matte finish on the stem, as well as the high quality stainless steel, means that your hookah will be rust free with proper maintenance and resistant to flavor ghosting. 

Included with this hookah is the hookah stem, the base, the tray, the hose, tongs, and an unglazed Egyptian style bowl. Wanting to upgrade the bowl? The Troika's traditional bowl port makes it easy to fit just about every bowl we have available to this hookah.

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