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Social Smoke

Pomegranate Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco

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Pomegranate Social Smoke Flavor Description

This is an enticing flavor that's difficult to walk away from once you've given it a try. Rich and sweet, Pomegranate Social Smoke heavily resembles the classic drink syrup grenadine. This shisha tobacco embodies all the wonderful aspects of both pomegranate and grenadine, and along with massive clouds and a decent head buzz you'll be hard pressed to find a better dark and sweet shisha flavor.

Fun Facts

In Greek mythology the god of the underworld, Hades, abducted Persephone - daughter of Zeus - and made her queen of the underworld. After some time there she was permitted to leave, but only after she had eaten several pomegranate seeds. Since she had eaten pomegranate, the food of the underworld, she was obliged to return for 1/3 of each year. 

Recommended Pomegranate Social Smoke Mixes

Potion No. 9 Social Smoke is a decent choice for a mixer with Pomegranate, as is light cherry and slight spice notes of The Edge Social Smoke. The dark and sweet Plum Social Smoke will mix well with Pomegranate, and the tangy notes of Passion Fruit Social Smoke are also a great decision.

Be sure to fill us in on any incredible shisha mixes you devise using this Pomegranate Social Smoke flavor. Click on the "Reviews" tab to leave us your mix recommendations, as well as your thoughts and opinions on this flavor.

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