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Hookafina Blak

Razzleberry Blak Leaf Hookafina Shisha

Product# HF-Blak-Razzleberry
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Razzleberry Hookafina Blak Shisha Tobacco

Razzleberry is a dazzling new flavor from the Hookafina Blak Leaf line of shisha tobacco. Hookafina Blak lets you taste the tobacco, as well as the added flavors. Razzleberry is a blend of berry flavors (raspberry, blueberry and blackberry) which starts out tart and mellows out to smoother, creamier tones as your hookah session progresses. 

Hookafina Black Leaf shisha uses unwashed tobacco that is cut thin and long; this also translates to higher nicotine levels and more natural tobacco flavor. The black leaf tobacco is mixed with dark sugar cane molasses under pressurized heat, and then has intense flavoring added in. This is a more traditional way of making shisha. If you want big clouds and a good amount of buzz, look no further. 

Be sure to check out the 14 other delicious flavors of Hookafina Black Leaf Tobacco available. 

Be warned, this line of shisha is not for those just starting out in the hookah world. The intense flavor and heavy head buzz may be too overwhelming for beginners. We recommend that those new to the world of hookah try regular Hookafina hookah tobacco. This hookah tobacco is washed, smooth, and contains a low level of nicotine. 

Purchase this Razzleberry Hookafina Blak Shisha in 250g pouches.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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