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Sahara Smoke Glass Smoke Chamber Stem

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The new Sahara Smoke Glass Smoke Chamber Stem is an attachment for 24 inch and taller Sahara Smoke hookahs which allows you to see the hookah smoke travel through the stem of your hookah pipe while you smoke. We have 8 different color combinations available so it is also a great way to personalize your hookah a bit and add some extra color to your rig.

To use the Sahara glass smoke chamber, simply unscrew your Sahara Smoke stem at the hub and tray and then screw the glass smoke chamber in place. The positioning of the smoke chamber is completely up to you. You can replace the original stem with the glass smoke chamber or add it in addition to the original stem to make your hookah taller.

Smoking with the Sahara Smoke glass stem attached is quite cool. It's fun to see the smoke move through the stem and it's a very unique visual element that almost no other hookahs offer.

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Amber Glass
Amber Glass with Stripes
Blue Glass
Blue Glass with Stripes

Green Glass
Green Glass with Stripes
Red Glass
Red Glass with Stripes

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