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Spicy Red Starbuzz Shisha

Product# SB-SpicyRed
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Starbuzz Spicy Red Shisha Flavor Description

Starbuzz has gone and done it again. Spicy Red is an exquisite blend consisting of spicy cinnamon with persistent spearmint tones. This unique flavor mixes the minty goodness of spearmint leaves and cinnamon flawlessly to create a blend that is sure to grace your hookah bowl over and over. Upon opening the can, you will be greeted with strong cinnamon tones and it may lead you to believe this is purely a cinnamon blend. Take a couple more inhales and you can't deny the overlying spearmint that brings the blend down from intense to "in mints". Nailed it.

Why Try This Hookah Tobacco?

First of all, if you are a fan of a specific chewing gum - the name of which we cannot mention due to copyright reasons - you'll love this flavor. Again, we can't say the name of the brand, but this particular chewing gum tastes like spicy cinnamon and comes in a "big red" pack. You following? Great. Because the base flavor for Spicy Red is very similar, a nice, intense and fiery cinnamon. The sweet and soft spearmint flavor works to counteract the intensity of the cinnamon to create a perfect blend of cinnamon and mint. 

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