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Trifecta Gold Blend

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Tobacco 250 Gram

Product# Trifecta-Dark-250g
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Trifecta Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco 250g

The online community raves about the great flavor experience from the Trifecta dark leaf blends and after several session, we have to agree! Trifecta dark blend uses burley leaf tobacco to deliver a nice buzz with a background aroma of dark notes. These 250 gram blends are handmade in the US, and arrive in small batches to guarantee freshness. You can grab any bowl from your collection to use with the dark blend series, but we used phunnel bowls for our best sessions. We recommend giving your shisha a gentle tap down after filling your bowl, and then add just a little more shisha depending on your smoking preference. 

Trifecta Dark Blend Flavors

Apple Pie - We've never had a pie like this and that's O.K. in our book. Green apple spice.
Blueberry - This became an instant classic on the third inhale
BDH - Peach front with a cool melon exhale
Cool Cinnamon Gum - A sweet and spicy blend of gum mint with a darker profile 
Death By Ice - It's powerful and potent blast of ice peppermint
Deja Dew - Lemons with lime
Enigma - For the fans of something exotic, citrus with herbs and a little bit of berries
Earl Grey - Lemon in the front with tea leaves on the exhale 
Lavender Mint - Spot on lavender with a super cold mint
Lime - Vibrant lime taste that will be a party pleaser 
Lychee - Reminds us of natural fruit strips
Manzanas - We promise it's not double apple, but is it triple apple? Hmmm
Morning Glory - The coffee beans just keep flowing
Orange Seville Coffee - Bitter orange and black coffee combine for a sweet collaboration 
Pearfect - Spiced pear blend 
Pineapple - Get tropical with this flavor that goes straight to the point 
Pulp Friction - Orange rinds with the pulp 
Raspberry - You can smell this red berry perfectly in the jar and that's just the beginning 
The Twist - You get watermelon on the front with sweet lemon and mint on the exhale
TKO - Hazelnut chocolate blended 
True Grape - Solid grape blend that is perfect for mixing or solo session for fruit fans. 
Ventura Peach - Natural white peach with sweet pops of flavor

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